Bobby Lashley,Strongest man

Name: Bobby Lashley

Height: 6 foot 3

Weight: 273 pounds

From: Colorado Springs, Colo.

Signature Move: The Dominator

Career Highlights: ECW World Champion; Won the Battle of the Billionaires at WrestleMania 23 and was responsible for Mr. McMahon being shaved bald; United States Champion; wrestled in the Money in the Bank ladder match at WrestleMania 22.

WWE Debut: late 2005

The focused, driven Bobby Lashley has always been clear about his ultimate goal. He’s wrestled his entire life, all with the purpose of one day entering sports-entertainment. He’s a three-time wrestling national champion and a four-time wrestling All-American.

He’s also a two-time Armed Forces Champion and took home the silver medal in the 2002 CISM World Championships — competing against the best of the rest of the world’s military.

Yet, for Lashley, all that was a precursor to training for his WWE, and ultimately, his ECW career. This mixed martial arts expert is already a renowned champion at the amateur level, and now Lashley has begun his climb toward stardom.

Bobby Lashley’s dramatic arrival in ECW shook the Land of the Extreme at its foundation, as he speared his way through the dominant Big Show to sign the contract to be the final participant in the Extreme Elimination Chamber. This move not only raised the eyebrows of those involved in the Chamber match at December to Dismember, but also put the entire ECW roster on notice.

Ultimately, Lashley would seize the moment within the first-ever weapons-filled Chamber by outlasting five competitors to become the ECW World Champion on Dec. 3, 2006. Lashley was a dominant champion, taking on all comers, including Hardcore Holly and Rob Van Dam, among others. And he showed no fear in crossing the boss, WWE Chairman Mr. McMahon and representing Donald Trump in the Battle of the Billionaires at WrestleMania 23.


Lashley was victorious in that battle against McMahon’s representative Umaga and was chiefly responsible for the evil Chairman being shaved bald. But Lashley’s fearlessness may have been his undoing. Mr. McMahon took the ECW World Championship away from him at Backlash in a 3-on-1 Handicap Match that also included his son Shane and the Samoan Bulldozer.Bobby Lashley no longer holds the ECW World Title, but he will always have the heart of a champion. And our fans will never forget his ECW World Championship reign.

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  1. This guy is great. We enjoy watching him and hope he goes far in his career. Please update on his latest fights and how he left his opponents.

  2. Your ok But Go Rey Mysterio 619

  3. -Bobby,
    You are my brother’s idol
    But i don’t like
    you, Becouse
    You seem to me like a guy who believes that he is the strongest man!
    Ps.calm down!

  4. bobby lashley i realy like but you really strong and good wich time i will like you when you win from john cena i realy not like him and he is baster if you win i will be happy. and you know john cena is realy celever boy and always use your finsher

  5. asdfgsdfghj

  6. you stenk i think you are offle

  7. bobby lashley is coolest and strongest wrestler i ever seen. he really cool guy. Nice personality great wrestler in history of ecw.

  8. i am MAD that you left and i think you should come back

  9. bobby u r still freaken awsome when u r boxing. p.s.please send me an autograph or letter at

  10. ston cold could bet body lashly ston cold is the strongest wwe man

  11. hey bobby whats going on im a big fan of urs would love too meet u onday in person wish u would come back and wrestle again tho miss seeing u kick some butt lol

  12. Great site, I will be back. Well done

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