Torrie Wilson.Torrie Wilson

Height: 5 foot 7

From: Boise, Idaho

Signature Move: Springboard Elbow

Amidst the potatoes, corn and wheat typically grown on the sprawling and spacious farms of Boise, Idaho, one of wrestling’s most enticing Divas emerged.

Torrie Wilson, a Boise native, has been one of WWE’s hottest Divas ever since debuting in 2001. Torrie got her start in WCW, but when Mr. McMahon purchased WCW, she quickly made the transition to WWE. No matter where Torrie Wilson is, though, she’s always turning heads. In fact, her beauty is so great, that it can easily make other WWE Divas jealous. This could be a major reason why Candice and Victoria recently turned on the 1998 Miss Galaxy.

Ever since Torrie Wilson and Candice were traded to RAW in 2005, they had been attached at the hip along with Victoria. The three proved to be a dominant trio in the Women’s Division, wreaking havoc on all of the other Divas. But Candice and Victoria viciously turned on Torrie during Candice’s Playboy unveiling on RAW. Torrie was slated to get her chance at revenge at Saturday Night’s Main Event in a tag team match. She was scheduled to team up with Trish Stratus to take on her former friends, Victoria and Candice.

But after Torrie cost Victoria her match against Trish Stratus, she was found knocked unconscious in the locker room by the Women’s Champion. Trish found an autographed copy of Candice’s Playboy on her body, but it’s unproven whether or not Candice and Victoria were responsible for the attack.

The vicious attack on Torrie appeared to be a culimination of events over a period of a few weeks.

Candice became the latest Diva to don the cover of Playboy magazine, and she was certainly excited. In fact, after a recent Torrie Wilson loss, Candice said that losing didn’t matter because she would be on Playboy in a couple of weeks.The following week Torrie Wilson accompanied Candice to the ring for her Women’s Championship opportunity against Trish Stratus. Candice went for a pinning combination close to the ropes, and Torrie reached out to give her extra leverage. The referee caught Torrie and broke up the pin. Within moments, Trish recovered and scored the victory over Candice.

Torrie tried to apologize backstage to Candice, but the Playboy covergirl wasn’t hearing it. In fact, she answered Torrie’s apology by slapping her across the face. Torrie sucked it up, though, and went to the ring with Victoria for Candice’s Playboy unveiling.

Candice began to talk about how she was the hottest Diva to ever appear in Playboy, taking a jab at Torrie, who was also a former Playboy cover girl. Torrie decided to speak her mind and told Candice that she was being selfish. Candice lured Torrie in with an apologetic hug, but then she winked at Victoria and they attacked Wilson. Only time will tell how and when Torrie will get her revenge on her former friends.

Torrie may not be a Women’s Champion, but she does hold one major distinction. She participated in the most-purchased match on WWE 24/7 Online – a Bikini Contest vs. Sable at Judgment Day 2002. Not only were Torrie and Sable decked out in two of the hottest bikinis ever seen, but they also sealed the match with a kiss that has to be seen to be believed.

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