triple H,great wrestler

Height: 6′ 4″ Weight: 246 pounds

From: Greenwich, Connecticut

Favorite Quote: “I am the Game and I am that damn good.”

Finishing move: Pedigree

Career Highlights: World Wrestling Federation Champion (5); Intercontinental Champion (4); Tag Team Champion; European Champion (2); King of the Ring 1997

Triple H was born as Paul Levesque on July 27, 1969 in Greenwich, Connecticut. During his young years, he wanted to body build with much older guys and started hhh’s dream of becoming a pro wrestler in the 1980s. Paul  continued training at Killer Kowalski’s wrestling school in Massachusetts and went into the Independent Wrestling Federation in 1994 he used the name Terra Ryzing. After competing the IWF Title, Paul Levesque entered the world of the WCW.

During Triple H’s career in the WCW, Paul switched changed his name to Jean-Paul Levesque and adopted the snobby French Canadian. He wrestled under this name for one year before heading to the WWE and renaming themselfves Triple H. Professional wrestling would never be the same. As a stuck up, filthy rich child from America with an bottomless trail of girls, HHH is now the most respected and hated characters in the WWE.

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  1. Hey Friends here is the Great Khali’s Biggest Fans Site

  2. HHH is a 6 time wwe champion and not 5 times as mentioned

    he is also a 5 time WORLD HEAVY weight champion

    so totally 11 times wwe world champion

    thats why they call him 11 times the king

    the 6th wwe title and 11th wwe world title being the win against orton.. one night reign

    in his latest promos he would promise to leave wrestlemania as 12 time champion that would support my point also in wrestlemania 2006 he would he would leave wrestlemania 2005 as 11 time champ
    they are my supports


  3. he is the king of kings and 12 times wwe champion so bow down because he is the king of kings and the game

  4. I am the biggest fan of triple-h. he is one of the greatest wrestler ever. so keep it up game. BEST OF LUCK

  5. I never like to watch when game loose matches. Game ur next match with john cena. I hope that you won your match with him because i don’t like john cena. you never beat cena but now this time you can and you will game u will.Your biggest fan monu from ghatsila,jharkhand(India)

  6. hey game how r u. Its me Monu from India. Triple-h is the real king of kings. He is hated and respectful guy in wrestling. I love to watch him when he play the game and won matches. When he gave pedigree to other and also spin buster. When he use slagged hammer to beat any people it is dangerous moment really. I remember a day when game beat undertaker by slagged hammer. It was one of the dark day in wrestling

  7. The Game is King of King 12 time World Champ 7 time WWE Champion 5 time World Heavtweight The Most Reigns of The World Champion Historys, The Only One . The World Champ . The Hero of WWE . The twelve-time world champion

  8. behold the king,the king of kings there is only one and its true it’s the game triple-h.All hell to the king.

  9. HHH u r awsome send me mail at p.s ITS TIME 2 PLAY THE GAME I EVEN HAVE AN ACTION FIGURE OF U

  10. hhh beat up ortan 4 wat he did ortan is a syco with that face disorder

  11. who ever is above me orton is kwel F U !!!

  12. hey game u rock!!! i so hope u win at wrestle mania. your the best wrestler in the wwe. ortan has no chance.


  14. you are the best!

  15. You are The Coolest Wreseler

  16. tripple h is in asim’s ass.

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