Candice Michelle Backham,rising youngster

Real Name: Candice Michelle Beckham
Birthday: 09/30/1978
Birthplace: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Occupation: Modelling
Sign: Libra

  • Candice Michelle Beckham was born on September 30, 1978 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Her parents are of Panamanian and German decedents.

  • This beautiful Libra moved to Los Angeles in 1997 in search of her dreams. Due to her good looks and well toned body began fitness modeling (and foot modeling) as soon as she arrived their. She also modeled in many auto/car related magazines such as Hot Rod, Low Rider and even appeared on the cover of Mini Truckin’,

  • By 2001, she decided to expand her horizons and began to take on acting roles. Her movie debut was playing a stripper in Tomcat (2001). She then had small parts over the next two years in High Crimes (2002), Confessions of a Dangerous Mind (2002), Province 77 (2002) and A Man Apart (2003). She also played a dancer in Ben Stiller’s Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story. She also appearances on television and appeared on such shows as Seventh Heaven, Party of Five, and Ripley’s Believe It or Not. She also appeared on The Man Show as an infamous Juggy Girl.

  • In 2002, she also had a role in a made for cable adult movie (HBO) called Hotel Erotica: Model Behavior. Although she does have a short nude sex scene, some websites on the Internet have called her a porno or x-rated movie star. Candice does not see what the big deal is. She explains the scene as “I’m the young up-and-coming model stealing away the photographer of the last model. So in the love scene the guy is slowly undressing me until the other model interrupts us. It turns into a mild threesome. The scene only lasted five seconds.” The naked pictures and short clip can be found on the web doing a quick Google search. Beware, many of these pictures are frauds and are actually of someone else.

  • Candice competed in the $250,000 RAW Diva Search competition in 2004 (to search for a new diva). Although she lost the competition to Christy Hemme, she was asked back to appear on the show as a makeup artist. She has made a hit with the fans of the WWE ever since.

  • Her popularity hit an all-time high after she appeared in a controversial 30 second commercial for during the Superbowl XXXIX on February 6, 2005. Because it was so controversial, a second 2 minute commercial during half-time was pulled before the show which gave even more media attention to the shorter commercial that showed a scantily clad Nikki Cappelli (Candice) speaking before a Congressional Broadcast Censorship committee while having a clothing malfunction.

  • Candice married long time boyfriend, chiropractor (former professional weight lifter) Dr. Ken Gee Ehrlic on May 8, 2005.

  • In June 2005 she competed in the MET-Rx NPC Los Angeles Bodybuilding, Figure & Fitness Championships (NQ) and finished in 6th place. On June 20th, the WWE traded Candice Michelle to the Smackdown roster.

  • In the future, she continues to do fashion modeling, commercials, work with the WWE, appear in more movies (she will be Melissa in the upcoming movie Living the Dream), updating her website ( and who knows what else this busy, sexy starlet will do.

  • Hobbies and interests: Fitness/weight training, Dance Skater, Basketball, Roller Skating, Hockey, Volleyball, Make-up Artistry, foot modeling. Watching basketball (Lakers) and football (Greenbay Packers), She loves to eat “bad food” like candies and sweets. Some of her favorites include: TV Show = Sex and the City; Movies = Grease, Dirty Dancing, Fast and the Furious; Food = Persian (Chicken & Beef Koobideh (Kabobs) with Balsamic Rice).

  • What she looks for in a man: What she looks for in a man: Confidence, not ashamed to ask for help when needed, knows how to treat her like a lady and wears a good cologne.

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triple H,great wrestler

Height: 6′ 4″ Weight: 246 pounds

From: Greenwich, Connecticut

Favorite Quote: “I am the Game and I am that damn good.”

Finishing move: Pedigree

Career Highlights: World Wrestling Federation Champion (5); Intercontinental Champion (4); Tag Team Champion; European Champion (2); King of the Ring 1997

Triple H was born as Paul Levesque on July 27, 1969 in Greenwich, Connecticut. During his young years, he wanted to body build with much older guys and started hhh’s dream of becoming a pro wrestler in the 1980s. Paul  continued training at Killer Kowalski’s wrestling school in Massachusetts and went into the Independent Wrestling Federation in 1994 he used the name Terra Ryzing. After competing the IWF Title, Paul Levesque entered the world of the WCW.

During Triple H’s career in the WCW, Paul switched changed his name to Jean-Paul Levesque and adopted the snobby French Canadian. He wrestled under this name for one year before heading to the WWE and renaming themselfves Triple H. Professional wrestling would never be the same. As a stuck up, filthy rich child from America with an bottomless trail of girls, HHH is now the most respected and hated characters in the WWE.

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VICTORIA,the greatest of all time


Full Name: Lisa Marie Varon

From: San Bernardino, Calif.

Signature Move: Widow’s Peak

Career Highlights: Women’s Champion

Victoria is one of the most vicious Divas in WWE history. Don’t let her impeccable good looks fool you. She may be one of the hottest Divas around, but Victoria’s beauty is only matched by a mean streak that has helped drive her to two Women’s Championships.Armed with one of the most devastating finishing maneuvers in all of professional wrestling, the Widow’s Peak, Victoria had recently aligned herself with two other Divas – Torrie Wilson and Candice. Being the most accomplished competitor of the three, Victoria was often looked upon to fill the enforcer role of the trio, but it was a role she gladly accepted.

But when three beautiful Divas such as Victoria, Torrie and Candice are all sharing the spotlight, there’s usually not enough of the spotlight to go around – and this situation was no different. Victoria and Candice turned on Torrie Wilson during Candice’s Playboy unveiling on RAW. The duo was set to face Trish Stratus & Torrie Wilson at Saturday Night’s Main Event – until Torrie was found laid out in the locker room. Trish found an unconscious Torrie backstage at RAW with an autographed copy of Playboy laying on her prone body.

Torrie’s banishment from the trio developed over a few weeks. Candice became the latest Diva to don the cover of Playboy magazine, and she was certainly excited. In fact, after a recent Torrie Wilson loss, Candice said that losing didn’t matter because she would be on Playboy in a couple of weeks.

The following week Torrie Wilson accompanied Candice to the ring for her Women’s Championship opportunity against Trish Stratus. Candice went for a pinning combination close to the ropes, and Torrie reached out to give her extra leverage. The referee caught Torrie and broke up the pin. Within moments, Trish recovered and scored the victory over Candice.

Torrie tried to apologize backstage to Candice, but the Playboy covergirl wasn’t hearing it. In fact, she answered Torrie’s apology by slapping her across the face. Torrie sucked it up, though, and went to the ring with Victoria for Candice’s Playboy unveiling. Candice began to talk about how she was the hottest Diva to ever appear in Playboy, taking a jab at Torrie, who was also a former Playboy cover girl. Torrie decided to speak her mind and told Candice that she was being selfish. Candice lured Torrie in with an apologetic hug, but then she winked at Victoria and they attacked Wilson.The double cross should come as no surprise as far as Victoria is concerned. Time after time she has proven that she will do whatever it takes to get what she wants and to work her way to the top of the Women’s Division. Victoria made her WWE debut in August 2002, and within just a few months she defeated Trish Stratus for her first Women’s Championship. Victoria and Trish have had some of the greatest women’s matches of all time over the years, and their rivalry appears to be an ongoing one.

Victoria has also been a pioneer in the Women’s Division. At WrestleMania XX she defeated Molly Holly in the first-ever Women’s Division Hair vs. Championship Match. After defeating Holly to retain her gold, Victoria humiliated Molly in front of a sold-out crowd at Madison Square Garden by shaving her head.

Victoria has also shown over the years that she feels that success should only come from hard work. She’s a strong believer that nothing should be handed to you in life. So it was no surprise that soon after Christy Hemme became the 2004 RAW Diva Search Winner, that the fiery redhead became Victoria’s No. 1 target. Victoria backed up her attacks with a win at Vengeance, proving that hard work does indeed pay off.

Ashley was the 2005 RAW Diva Search Winner, and she followed in Christy’s footsteps as an immediate target of Victoria. Only this time, Victoria also had a numbers advantage with Torrie and Candice by her side. Ashley was clearly outmatched, but the odds started to swing back in her favor when Trish Stratus returned and came to her rescue. The two sides had a back and forth rivalry, and Mickie James eventually came into the fold as well. One thing is for sure, though. If Victoria feels like she is being pushed aside, she won’t stand idly by and accept it.

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Jillian,The Bad Singer


Full Name:Jillian Hall

From: Los Angeles

Career Highlights: Worked as a “Fixer” for the likes of JBL and MNM

Since her controversial tenure as image consultant for former WWE Champion John Bradshaw Layfield, talented Diva Jillian Hall has become a force in the SmackDown women’s division.

The stunning blonde relies on a broad arsenal of offensive tactics to overwhelm her opponents, and record countless victories.

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Torrie Wilson.Torrie Wilson

Height: 5 foot 7

From: Boise, Idaho

Signature Move: Springboard Elbow

Amidst the potatoes, corn and wheat typically grown on the sprawling and spacious farms of Boise, Idaho, one of wrestling’s most enticing Divas emerged.

Torrie Wilson, a Boise native, has been one of WWE’s hottest Divas ever since debuting in 2001. Torrie got her start in WCW, but when Mr. McMahon purchased WCW, she quickly made the transition to WWE. No matter where Torrie Wilson is, though, she’s always turning heads. In fact, her beauty is so great, that it can easily make other WWE Divas jealous. This could be a major reason why Candice and Victoria recently turned on the 1998 Miss Galaxy.

Ever since Torrie Wilson and Candice were traded to RAW in 2005, they had been attached at the hip along with Victoria. The three proved to be a dominant trio in the Women’s Division, wreaking havoc on all of the other Divas. But Candice and Victoria viciously turned on Torrie during Candice’s Playboy unveiling on RAW. Torrie was slated to get her chance at revenge at Saturday Night’s Main Event in a tag team match. She was scheduled to team up with Trish Stratus to take on her former friends, Victoria and Candice.

But after Torrie cost Victoria her match against Trish Stratus, she was found knocked unconscious in the locker room by the Women’s Champion. Trish found an autographed copy of Candice’s Playboy on her body, but it’s unproven whether or not Candice and Victoria were responsible for the attack.

The vicious attack on Torrie appeared to be a culimination of events over a period of a few weeks.

Candice became the latest Diva to don the cover of Playboy magazine, and she was certainly excited. In fact, after a recent Torrie Wilson loss, Candice said that losing didn’t matter because she would be on Playboy in a couple of weeks.The following week Torrie Wilson accompanied Candice to the ring for her Women’s Championship opportunity against Trish Stratus. Candice went for a pinning combination close to the ropes, and Torrie reached out to give her extra leverage. The referee caught Torrie and broke up the pin. Within moments, Trish recovered and scored the victory over Candice.

Torrie tried to apologize backstage to Candice, but the Playboy covergirl wasn’t hearing it. In fact, she answered Torrie’s apology by slapping her across the face. Torrie sucked it up, though, and went to the ring with Victoria for Candice’s Playboy unveiling.

Candice began to talk about how she was the hottest Diva to ever appear in Playboy, taking a jab at Torrie, who was also a former Playboy cover girl. Torrie decided to speak her mind and told Candice that she was being selfish. Candice lured Torrie in with an apologetic hug, but then she winked at Victoria and they attacked Wilson. Only time will tell how and when Torrie will get her revenge on her former friends.

Torrie may not be a Women’s Champion, but she does hold one major distinction. She participated in the most-purchased match on WWE 24/7 Online – a Bikini Contest vs. Sable at Judgment Day 2002. Not only were Torrie and Sable decked out in two of the hottest bikinis ever seen, but they also sealed the match with a kiss that has to be seen to be believed.

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Ashley,greatest of all time


Height: 5 foot 5

From: New York, N.Y.

Signature Move: Starstruck

name:Ashley Massaro Highlights: Won the 2005 Raw Diva Search; crowned Miss Hawaiian Tropic USA 2002 and Miss Hawaiian Tropic Canada 2005; appeared in Stuff, FHM and Maxim magazine, as well as on the cover of both FLEX magazine and Femme Fatale; Hosted the E! channel’s Wild On shows, and MTV’s Celebrity Death Match, as well as the 2006 Diva Search Finale on USA.

After accidentally spilling some coffee onto a mid-rampage WWE Chairman, Ashley felt the wrath of a manic Mr. McMahon. Instantly, the scalded Chairman berated the SmackDown Diva and suspended her indefinitely. When will we see Ashley again? Tune into SmackDown each week to find out.

Growing up in Babylon, N.Y., with a father, brother, and uncle who competed in amateur wrestling, Ashley already had the background and competitive edge needed to make it in World Wrestling Entertainment. As a former gymnast, she certainly had the physicality. And her model looks…well, need we say more? (We will, anyway.) She was crowned Miss Hawaiian Tropic USA in 2002, then Miss Hawaiian Tropic Canada in 2005. Her multiple swimsuit calendar appearances have made men forget about the 11 other months of the year. And if you’ve seen any newsstands on fire, don’t be surprised if they were caused by her smokin’-hot layouts in the pages of Stuff, FHM, and Maxim, not to mention the covers of FLEX and Femme Fatale. Brawn and beauty—is it any wonder she won the 2005 Raw Diva Search?

To be fair, there is more to this WWE Diva than meets the wandering eye. A State University of New York graduate with a degree in Communications, Ashley’s greatest asset is that she knows how to keep in touch with her fans, whether she’s blogging about music on’s “Bangin’ with Ashley,” or talking in front of television cameras. (She had even given fans her phone number while she competed in the Raw Diva Search, though she had to stop for “obvious reasons.”) Many TV execs have also noticed this, judging from the fact she has hosted a special for Entertainment Tonight, the 2006 Raw Diva Search Finale for USA Network, and numerous Wild On shows that air constantly on the E! Channel. Her animated personality even made her a big winner with viewers watching her perform feats of clay on MTV’s Celebrity Death Match.

Ashley makes sure that the United States Armed Forces don’t forget about her, either, and she has spoken proudly about being a WWE representative visiting the troops overseas on CNBC’s The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch and MSNBC’s Rita Cosby: Live and Direct. “You’ve got to feel for them,” she says. “They’re putting their lives on the line for us, and if any of us can do anything to pay them back, I think we should.”

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Rey Mysterio,Bio of Rey Mysterio

WWE Wrestling Roleplay Costume Ray MysterioCareer Highlights: World Heavyweight Championship (WrestleMania 22, 2006); Royal Rumble winner (2006); Cruiserweight Champion; WWE Tag Team Champion; WCW Tag Team Champion; WCW Cruiserweight Tag Team Champion

Exploding onto the sports-entertainment scene in the mid 1990s, the colorfully masked Rey Mysterio quickly redefined the way the game was played in the ring. From his awe-inspiring West Coast Pop to his trademark 619, Mysterio is on the cutting edge of wrestling excellence. The definitive high-flying Superstar, Mysterio, despite his size, is an innovative underdog that fans of all ages have grown to respect and love.

Rey’s impressive Championship resume ranks up there with the all-time greats. His World Championship reign complimented eight Cruiserweight Championships, four WWE Tag Team Championships and one Royal Rumble win.

Becoming a World Champion is something he aspired to do all his life. While growing up in San Diego, Rey Mysterio always wanted to be a wrestling Superstar. As a young teenager, he followed his dreams by training in the unpredictable and high-flying Mexican Lucha Libre style of wrestling. His training and early career in Tijuana, Mexico led him to an even bigger stage – first in ECW and then WCW where he revolutionized the fast, high-impact style you now associate with the master of the 619.

Rey had several memorable matches in his short time with ECW, but his first national exposure came in WCW, where he debuted in early 1996. It didn’t take long for Mysterio to make his mark in WCW, as he defeated Dean Malenko in July ‘96 to capture the first of his eight Cruiserweight Championships.

Rey had many memorable rivalries while in WCW, including ones with Ultimo Dragon, Malenko, Billy Kidman, Psicosis, Juventud, and Kevin Nash. He also recorded the first chapters of storied rivalries which would surface later in his career with future WWE Superstars like Eddie Guerrero, Chavo Guerrero, and Chris Jericho. Mysterio remained with WCW until the company was purchased by WWE in 2001.

Upon his WWE debut in 2002, Rey joined the SmackDown roster and immediately began a rivalry with Kurt Angle. The two battled for several months, eventually taking on partners in their war as Rey & Edge defeated Kurt Angle & Chris Benoit in a 2 out of 3 Falls Match for the WWE Tag Team Championship on a November edition of SmackDown.Rey’s next big rivalry was with Matt Hardy over the Cruiserweight Championship. The two battled throughout the Spring of 2003 and wrestled an exciting match at WrestleMania 19. The rivalry reached its peak in June 2003 when Rey beat Hardy for the Cruiserweight Championship on Smackdown.

That same Cruiserweight Championship was the focal point of a long series of battles between Mysterio and Tajiri throughout the second half of 2003. The two exchanged the Championship on multiple occasions before Rey took it for good on a January 2004 edition of SmackDown.

Rey’s next challenger for the Cruiserweight Championship was Jamie Noble. Unfortunately for Noble, Rey was able to successfully defend his Championship on each occasion, culminating in another exciting Mysterio victory at the Royal Rumble.

In the Spring of 2004, Rey participated in WrestleMania 20. Madison Square Garden played host to the Cruiserweight Championship Open. Rey fell short as Chavo Guerrero successfully defended his Championship, but the groundwork was laid for Rey’s next rivalry.

The rivalry with Chavo Guerrero Jr. consumed the middle months of 2004, as the two battled frequently on SmackDown. The rivalry even saw the appearance of Chavo father, Chavo Classic. A freak occurrence in a handicap match saw Chavo Classic accidentally win the Cruiserweight Championship from his son, only to lose it to Rey Mysterio shortly thereafter. The victory marked Rey’s eigth Cruiserweight Championship.

The end of 2004 saw Rey turn his attention to the tag team ranks. Mysterio and his tag team partner Rob Van Dam challenged Renee Dupree and Kenzo Suzuki for the World Tag Team Championships. A late December edition of SmackDown saw Mysterio and RVD capture the Championships and then successfully defend it in a rematch at Armageddon.
The beginning of 2005 saw the start of one of more popular rivalries of the year. Only, it didn’t begin as a rivalry. Rey Mysterio and the late, great Eddie Guerrero successfully captured the WWE Tag Team Championship by defeating the Bashams at No Way Out. The duo defended their Championship successfully through the months leading up to WrestleMania 21. Rey and Eddie split up for one night only at WrestleMania, as they competed against each other in singles action in what was the first ever matchup of Tag Team Champions. Rey won a hard fought contest in which both competitors pulled out all the stops.

The following months exposed the rift between the tag team partners. Rey and Eddie lost their WWE Tag Team Championship to MNM in April 2005. A frustrated Eddie blamed Rey for the loss, and the partners-turned-enemies embarked on the rivalry which took them through the summer, and left an indelible mark on SmackDown. Mysterio won every battle including memorable matches at Judgment Day, The Great American Bash, and a Ladder Match at Summerslam. The Ladder Match was for custody of Rey’s son Dominick after Eddie had revealed to the world that he was, in fact, Dominick’s father. After months and months of trying, Eddie finally got a win over Rey in a cage match on a September edition of SmackDown.

After an emotional series with Eddie Guerrero, Rey turned his attention towards defending the honor of his home show, SmackDown. At Survivor Series, SmackDown and RAW met in a 5-on-5 Survivor Series Elimination Tag Team Match. With Rey’s help, SmackDown came out victorious over RAW, claiming immediate bragging rights between the shows for the year to come.

After Survivor Series, the rivalry with RAW continued for Rey Mysterio as he became the subject of the RAW Tag Team Champions, Kane and Big Show’s frustration. Smackdown’s World Heavyweight Champion, Batista, came to Rey’s rescue, and a match was made between the teams for Armageddon. Just days before on SmackDown, Rey and Batista beat MNM for the WWE Tag Team Championship, making the match at Armageddon a battle of Tag Champions. After falling short at Armageddon, Rey and Batista lost the Championship back to MNM on SmackDown.

The tragic loss of his good friend Eddie Guerrero shortly before Survivor Series seemed to put Rey’s focus in a different direction. After Armageddon, Rey decided to pursue a lifelong goal, to win the World Heavyweight Championship, and do it in Eddie’s honor. Rey’s first crack at the Championship came on SmackDown in a 20 Man Battle Royal for Batista’s vacated World Heavyweight Championship. Rey lasted to the final three men, only to be eliminated by Mark Henry. Kurt Angle would go on to claim the World Heavyweight Championship, leaving Rey just short of his dream.

Rey’s next chance to fight for the World Heavyweight Championship came at the Royal Rumble. His goal was the same, to honor his fallen friend by winning the Rumble, and going on to headline WrestleMania 22, just like Eddie had done two years earlier. However, Rey learned early on that it wouldn’t be easy as he drew the No. 2, and was forced to start the match against Triple H. Rey would not be deterred, as he courageously defied the odds, winning the Royal Rumble, and in the process, setting a Rumble record for longest time in the ring at well over one hour.

At WrestleMania 22, Rey Mysterio showed the world that dreams really do come true. Coming into the event, no one thought he could walk out of Chicago as the World Heavyweight Champion. Mysterio was no stranger to playing the role of the underdog, so he was right at home when he faced Kurt Angle and Randy Orton in a Triple Threat Match for the World Heavyweight Championship. Rey was overpowered early in the match, but he showed persistence and fought back. Mysterio utilized his unique blend of quickness and agility as he soared through the air hitting the Legend Killer with a West Coast Pop into a pinning combination. Just like that, the undersized Mysterio was the World Champion.

As World Champion, Rey Mysterio went through hell and back, and somehow, the biggest underdog Champion in sports-entertainment history endured beatings from Kane, Mark Henry, The Great Khali, Finlay, Kurt Angle and JBL.

Rey Mysterio’s dream came to an abrupt end at The Great American Bash as Rey’s close friend, Chavo Guerrero, cost Mysterio his livelihood: the World Championship. Seemingly about to strike Rey’s opponent, King Booker, with a chair, Chavo swung at Rey and laid out the Champion for Booker to get the win and steal the World Championship. Not only did Mysterio lose his very precious World Championship, but he also lost his closest ally in Chavo Guerrero.

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Edge,hardcore wrestler

Height: 6 foot 5

Weight: 240 pounds

From: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Signature Move: Spear     WWE Debut: June 1998 

Trained By: Ron Hutchison & Sweet Daddy Siki

Career Highlights: WWE Champion; World Heavyweight Champion; World Tag Team Champion; WWE Tag Team Champion; Intercontinental Champion; WCW U.S. Champion

Don’t pretend to think you know Edge. You didn’t grow up with the Rated-R Superstar and his single-parent mother in some cramped apartment in Orangeville (a tiny Ontario town that Edge recalls offered residents two choices: “work in a factory in town, or if you’re really lucky, land a job in Toronto”). You likely identified with his classmates at Princess Elizabeth Public School, carrying a hockey stick and aspiring to play for the Toronto Maple Leafs. Edge, meanwhile, dreamed of rocking out on a Les Paul guitar and following in the platformed footsteps of KISS. (He didn’t, but it hasn’t stopped him from amassing an impressive collection of signed, custom-made guitars over the years.)

If you really knew Edge, you would have noticed the “black cloud” that hung over the eight-year-old boy after a car accident claimed the life of his most-admired uncle. You would have also seen that cloud give way to the yellow and red-clad form of Hulk Hogan, whose mantra of saying prayers and taking vitamins spoke directly to Edge from the TV. Perhaps then you would have sat eleventh-row ringside with him in Toronto’s SkyDome; it was there he watched Hogan face Ultimate Warrior in the “Ultimate Challenge” at WrestleMania VI, and vowed he would also headline a WrestleMania someday.

Edge’s pals at Don Bosco Secondary High knew he was destined for greatness, even writing in his yearbook “Most Likely to Win the WWE World Championship.” Yet they couldn’t predict he’d receive free wrestling training after winning an essay contest in the Toronto Star. Only his trainers, Sweet Daddy Siki and Ron Hutchison, and those training with him in Sully’s Gym, could truly appreciate juggling multiple odd-jobs while wrestling in the independent circuit. But unless they were riding shotgun, they couldn’t begin to comprehend Edge’s “winter death tours” across frozen north Canadian lakes, or eating only canned tuna for days at a stretch, simply to wrestle in poorly attended venues.

Much due-paying and a recommendation from fellow Canadian Bret “Hit Man” Hart ultimately helped Edge make his WWE debut in June 1998, though few believed he would last. So he made his opponents believe, even if it meant taking chairs to the head, falling off ladders, and crashing through tables. He’s suffered a torn ACL, ruptured labia, a broken neck, a fractured skull, metal rods in his teeth, and countless stitches over the years, but not without giving as good as he’s received. Ask any man-or woman-who has gone toe-to-toe with him; they’ll tell you why he’s called the Rated-R Superstar.

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Name: Undertaker

Height: 6 foot 10 1/2

weight:305 pounds

From: Death Valley

Signature Move: Chokeslam; Tombstone; Last Ride

Career Highlights: WWE Champion, World Tag Team Champion, WCW Tag Team Champion, Hardcore Champion, undefeated at WrestleMania (15-0)

WWE Debut: Nov. 22, 1990

The Deadman has overcome every challenge he’s faced in his WWE career en route to becoming one of the the greatest Superstars in WWE history.

From the moment his signature gong fills the air, WWE fans are captivated by Undertaker’s mere presence. The Deadman from Death Valley is usually a man of few words, but can often intimidate even the toughest WWE Superstars with one glance. His somber persona has been a terrifying trademark of WWE for over 15 years, and no list of WWE all-time greats can be considered complete without Undertaker.

At the 1990 Survivor Series, Ted DiBiase introduced Undertaker as the final member of his “Million Dollar Team” for a Classic Survivor Series Match. From the minute he walked through the curtain with manager Brother Love, fans were in awe of the Deadman’s presence.

Undertaker soon left Brother Love in favor of Paul Bearer, and made his WrestleMania debut by defeating Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka in 1991. The Deadman quickly made major waves in WWE, winning the WWE Championship from Hulk Hogan within a year of his debut at the 1991 Survivor Series. Hogan received an immediate rematch a week later, defeating the Deadman to regain the championship and end his undefeated streak.

After defeating former ally Jake “The Snake” Roberts at WrestleMania VIII, Undertaker became a fan favorite and found himself embroiled in a rivalry with manager Harvey Wippleman. Over the next year, Undertaker fought off several of Wippleman’s associates, including a victory over Kamala in the first-ever Casket Match at Survivor Series1992. Wippleman next produced Giant Gonzales, whom Undertaker defeated at WrestleMania IX and SummerSlam 1993.

At the 1994 Royal Rumble, the Deadman met Yokozuna in a Casket Match for the WWE Championship. It took nearly a dozen men to help the 700-pound champion defeat the Deadman, and after the match, Undertaker said he would not rest in peace. Months later, Ted DiBiase claimed that he found Undertaker, but it turned out to be only a look-alike, and the real Deadman defeated his impostor at SummerSlam 1994. Undertaker then got his revenge on Yokozuna, defeating the big man in a Casket Match at the 1994 Survivor Series.1995 saw Undertaker continue to battle Ted DiBiase’s Corporation, who had stolen Paul Bearer’s sacred urn at the Royal Rumble. Undertaker took on and defeated DiBiase’s entire team, including a victory over King Kong Bundy at WrestleMania XI and a Casket Match victory over Kama at SummerSlam.

After a brief rivalry that saw Mabel destroy Undertaker’s face, the Deadman vanquished Mabel in a Casket Match and turned his sights back to the WWE Championship. He took on Bret Hart at the 1996 Royal Rumble, but Diesel’s interference cost the Deadman his chance. After returning the favor to Diesel the next month, Undertaker defeated him at WrestleMania XII for his fifth consecutive WrestleMania victory.

Later in 1996, Paul Bearer turned on the Deadman, casting his lot with Mankind. Following Mankind’s Boiler Room Brawl victory over Undertaker at SummerSlam, Bearer handed the sacred urn to Mankind, who nailed the Deadman in the head with it. Undertaker finally got revenge by defeating Mankind at the 1996 Survivor Series; while their rivalry was not yet over, the Deadman turned away to focus on becoming champion once again.

After narrowly losing a Final Four Match for the WWE Championship in February 1997, Undertaker finally got another chance at WrestleMania 13. There, the Deadman defeated Sid to win the gold for a second time, also pushing his WrestleMania record to 6-0. Throughout the summer of 1997, the Deadman defeated the likes of Steve Austin, Vader and Mankind before an errant chairshot from guest referee Shawn Michaels allowed Bret hart to defeat the Deadman for the gold at SummerSlam.

Following SummerSlam, Undertaker began stalking Michaels, leading up to the first-ever Hell in a Cell Match at Badd Blood. As it seemed that the Deadman was set to win the match, Kane made his WWE Debut, attacking his brother and costing him the match. Undertaker originally refused to fight his brother, but changed his mind at the 1998 Royal Rumble.

That night, Kane helped Michaels defeat Undertaker in a Casket Match, then wheeled the casket into the entranceway and set it on fire. Undertaker returned a month later to challenge Kane to a match at WrestleMania XIV. It took three Tombstone Piledrivers, but Undertaker turned back his brother that night to keep his WrestleMania record intact.

That summer, Kane & Undertaker continued to battle, and the Big Red Machine found an ally in his brother’s arch-nemesis, Mankind. Mankind battled Undertaker in an infamous Hell in a Cell Match at King of the Ring 1998; the Deadman won the match, which provided one of the most breathtaking visuals in WWE history when he threw Mankind off the Cell through the Spanish announcers’ table nearly 20 feet below.

A month later, Undertaker teamed with Stone Cold to defeat Kane & Mankind for the World Tag Team Championship. They would lose the gold shortly thereafter, and Undertaker would lose to Austin at SummerSlam 1998 in a classic battle for the WWE Championship.

After SummerSlam, Undertaker reconciled with Kane, and the two simultaneously pinned Austin in September during a WWE Championship Match. The controversy surrounding the championship led to the Deadly Game Tournament at Survivor Series; Undertaker beat Kane in the first round but later lost to The Rock, who went on to win the tournament and his first WWE Championship.

Early in 1999, Undertaker recruited the Acolytes, The Brood, Mideon & Viscera to form the Ministry of Darkness. They targeted Mr. McMahon and the Corporation, with Stephanie McMahon being Undertaker’s ultimate target. The war between Undertaker and the McMahons led to the Deadman defeating Big Boss Man in a Hell in a Cell Match at WrestleMania XV; soon after, the two groups patched up their differences and merged into one super group, and Undertaker defeated Steve Austin for his third WWE Championship in May 1999.

Undertaker later lost the gold back to Austin, and after that loss, he shifted his focus. The Deadman formed a team with Big Show, and together they captured the World Tag Team Championship twice in the fall of 1999. Later that fall, Undertaker refused to participate in a Casket Match against Triple H, leading to Mr. McMahon suspending the Deadman indefinitely.

He would not return until May 2000, when he began a rivalry with then-WWE Champion Triple H and D-Generation X. Reconciling once again with Kane, Undertaker ran roughshod over WWE, nearly winning the WWE Championship on several occasions. That December, Undertaker teamed up with The Rock to win the World Tag Team Championship, a reign that would last only three days.

Despite that loss, Undertaker went on to have a big year in 2001 After defeating Triple H at WrestleMania X-Seven to improve his WrestleMania record to 9-0, the Deadman teamed with Kane to win the World Tag Team Championship that April. Undertaker also helped Mr. McMahon fight off the ECW/WCW Alliance’s invasion, and Undertaker & Kane won both the WCW and World Tag Team Championships that summer. Undertaker was also on the victorious WWE team at Survivor Series, putting the Alliance out of business.

Following that win, however, his attitude began to change. He won the Hardcore Championship from Rob Van Dam at Vengeance in December, then began a rivalry with Ric Flair after Flair cost him a match at No Way Out. The Deadman defeated Flair in a No-Disqualification Match at WrestleMania X8, marking the Deadman’s 10th consecutive WrestleMania win. Regardless, Flair chose Undertaker as RAW’s No. 1 pick in the brand extension draft that April, and the Deadman paid immediate dividends by defeating Hulk Hogan for his fourth WWE Championship at Judgment Day.

After losing the gold at Vengeance, Undertaker became a fan favorite once again, taking on the Un-Americans. After defeating Test at SummerSlam, the Deadman moved from RAW to SmackDown, where he became a top contender to WWE Champion Brock Lesnar. After a bitter rivalry, Lesnar finally defeated the Deadman at No Mercy in a bloody Hell in a Cell Match, and the two put their differences aside. That same week, Undertaker was injured by Big Show, putting him out of action for three months.

The Deadman returned at the 2003 Royal Rumble, where he entered No. 30 but was the last man eliminated by eventual winner Lesnar. Undertaker set his sights on Big Show, and at WrestleMania XIX, he defeated Show & A-Train in a Handicap Match to get retribution. The rivalry between Big Show & Undertaker continued throughout 2003, with Lesnar and Kurt Angle once again getting involved during the summer. Finally, Mr. McMahon got involved, helping Lesnar defeat the Deadman at No Mercy.

Undertaker then challenged McMahon to a Buried Alive Match at Survivor Series. McMahon was victorious with help from RAW Superstar Kane, who attacked his brother to help the WWE Chairman bury him alive. Undertaker would not be seen again for four months, but made his presence felt wherever Kane went. After two months of mind games, Paul Bearer and the Deadman returned at WrestleMania XX to defeat Kane for a second time at WrestleMania in an inter-promotional match.

Following his return to SmackDown, Undertaker took on all comers, but was forced to leave Paul Bearer behind. Eventually, he found himself as the top contender to WWE Champion JBL, and the two met at SummerSlam. JBL won the match by disqualification, but the rivalry was only beginning.

Undertaker stalked JBL for months, but was unable to win the gold. Heidenreich’s interference helped JBL win a Last Ride Match at No Mercy; because of this, the Deadman shifted his focus to go after Heidenreich instead. He would defeat Heidenreich at Survivor Series, then once again in a Casket Match at the 2005 Royal Rumble.

It was around that time that RAW’s Randy Orton was looking to do something big at WrestleMania. After much deliberation, the Legend Killer decided to try to slay the biggest Legend of them all, challenging the Deadman to a match at WrestleMania. Despite the best efforts of both Orton and father Cowboy Bob, the Deadman defeated the Legend Killer to make it a perfect 13-0 at WrestleMania, injuring Orton’s shoulder in the process.

Orton would strike back in June, costing Undertaker a match with JBL after being drafted to SmackDown earlier in the night. Orton then helped JBL defeat Undertaker again in July on SmackDown, and the Legend Killer and the Deadman were set for another showdown at SummerSlam. This time, Cowboy Bob’s interference helped Randy defeat Undertaker, but the war was far from over.

Undertaker haunted the Ortons throughout the fall, leading to a Handicap Casket Match at No Mercy. Randy & Cowboy Bob were victorious, but after the match, they lit the casket containing Undertaker on fire, seemingly burning him alive. It was not to be, however, and after Orton was the sole survivor to help Team SmackDown defeat Team RAW at Survivor Series, Undertaker made his triumphant return.

Two nights later at the SmackDown special, Orton tried to take out the Deadman again, driving him through the stage as he clung to the back of a lowrider. It didn’t work, and the two were put into a Hell in a Cell Match at Armageddon. Undertaker finally got revenge that night, defeating the Legend Killer with a Tombstone Piledriver.

At the 2006 Royal Rumble, the Deadman set his sights back on the World Heavyweight Championship, challenging Kurt Angle for the gold after Angle defeated Mark Henry. The match was set for No Way Out, and after a classic encounter, the champion was able to pin the Deadman to retain the championship. Undertaker said he wasn’t done with Angle yet, and a rematch was set two weeks later on Friday Night SmackDown.

During the match, it looked like the Deadman had the gold won once again when Mark Henry interfered. The World’s Strongest Man viciously attacked Undertaker, splashing him through the announcers’ table at ringside. The following week, after Henry & Randy Orton faced Angle & Rey Mysterio, the Deadman’s voice filled the air. He challenged the World’s Strongest Man to a Casket Match, which Henry readily accepted immediately. The next week, Henry called Undertaker out to meet face to face at Saturday Night’s Main Event; the Deadman responded, attacking Henry and giving Daivari a Tombstone onto the lid of a casket.

Finally, Undertaker defeated Henry in the Casket Match at WrestleMania 22 to improve his perfect WrestleMania record to 14-0. Henry requested a rematch the following week on Friday night SmackDown, but the match served only as a backdrop for an attack on the Deadman by Henry’s manager, Daivari and his new protege The Great Khali.

Khali came into the ring and nailed Undertaker with a vicious chop, leaving the Deadman down in the ring. For weeks, the Deadman was not seen or heard from, leading Daivari to claim that his spirit had been broken and he was afraid. Finally, Theodore Long announced that the Deadman had challenged Khali to a match at Judgment Day; Khali accepted, and the confrontation was finally set.

Coming into Judgment Day, Undertaker had successfully turned back every other challenger he had faced in his long and illustrious WWE career. However, the 7 foot 3, 420 pound Great Khali proved to be an exception to the rule. Never before was Undertaker manhandled in such a fashion as he was by the threatening Khali. Daivari’s new monster disposed of the Phenom with ease, leaving all to wonder if Undertaker will ever be heard from again. He turned down an invitation to be on Piper’s Pit on the June 2 edition of Friday Night SmackDown, furthering speculation that there may be truth to Daivari’s earlier claim that the Deadman’s spirit has been broken by Khali.

At The Great American Bash, the Phenom survived the most fiendish, barbaric match in WWE history: the Punjabi Prison Match. Undertaker was scheduled to collide in the Prison with his nemesis, Khali, until SmackDown GM Teddy Long replaced Khali with Big Show following a backstage ambush by both Show and Khali. After being dominated for weeks by The Great Khali, the Deadman rose to the occasion and prevailed in a match never before seen in the Western world.

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